Degree Programs

Degrees in remote sensing and geographic information systems are offered through the Departments of Archaeology, Earth Science, and Geography. Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinators in the specific department of interest for more information about each program. The Center for Remote Sensing does not offer degrees, because it is a research facility.

Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy

Department of Archaeology

Department of Earth and Environment

Master of Arts in Environmental Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

The Center for Energy and Environmental Studies

This program is the most popular Remote Sensing track at Boston University. It is designed for students with diverse natural science and social science backgrounds who desire specialized training in the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) in environmental and natural resource analysis and management. Instruction addresses the theories underlying remote sensing and GIS and their practical applications. Students are trained for careers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors where there is increasing demand for professionals with advanced technical skills who can organize and analyze spatial environmental data. Applicants to the ERS/GIS program must have completed calculus through integration and statistics through multiple regression. Candidates that do not have the required quantitative skills may be admitted, but they will be required to do independent work or additional course work to acquire the necessary background. Students should consult the Director of Graduate Studies to ascertain if they have the required background.

For more information please contact:

Nora Watson
Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Earth and Environment
685 Commonwealth Avenue
Tel: (617) 353-2529
E-mail: norala31 [at]