Why take courses in Religion?

Whether or not you come from a religious background you certainly see the power of religion around you – in American politics and the Egyptian street, in the great books you’ve read and those cathedrals you visited on a family trip.    The Department of Religion at Boston University allows you to read, discuss, analyze, and understand religion from a perspective different from those you might find in a scripture study-group, church, synagogue, or mosque.   What is religion in human culture – how do we identify it?   In what different ways – normative and extreme – have people pursued religious lives?  How can we read the Torah, the Qur’an, the Christian scriptures, or the apocryphal books from an historical or literary perspective?    How has religion motivated, or how has it been exploited in, current events?    What are the underlying stories, or needs, or fears in religion?   Courses in the Religion Department help you to understand the dynamics behind all sorts of historical events and to talk confidently about religion in the world.   Our courses also give you a confidence with sacred books – to grasp their complexity.    And they introduce you to historical figures, texts, images, and ideas about religion you may not have encountered before.

And no matter what you want to do after college, rest assured that a MAJOR in Religion attracts immediate and positive attention to a résumé.  It shows a graduating senior’s unique commitment to understanding other cultures’ points of view.  One can hardly overestimate the importance of this skill for jobs in international development, education, public service and politics, and clinical work in any field.  Religion students carry with them a rare facility for understanding news events and for critical thinking – talents that employers are especially seeking.