Steven Katz, Coordinator
745 Commonwealth Ave
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T: 617.353.8096
E: judaics@bu.edu

Students who wish to minor in Judaic studies must complete, with a grade of a C or higher, six Judaic studies courses, including RN 101 or RN 104, and at least one, but no more than two 200-level courses. The remaining three or four courses should be taken at the 300 level or higher.
The study of Hebrew is strongly encouraged. Those students who choose to complete the CAS foreign language requirement using Hebrew may receive credit for CAS LH 212 toward the minor concentration in Judaic Studies. Any student may count up to two courses in Hebrew language toward the minor, provided those courses are taken at the LH 212 level or higher.

For information about the Judaic studies program and courses which can be applied to the minor in Judaic studies, please see the Center for Judaic Studies web site.