Design of Reliable CNT NANO Devices

The lack of deterministic error models for the inherent unreliability of the nanodevices has restricted the large-scale adoption of these nanodevices for designing large VLSI systems. In this paper, we propose methodologies based on nonlinear codes to design reliable VLSI systems using unreliable nanodevices. For more information visit Integrated Circuits and Systems Group

Routing Policy Development

Developing optimal polices for routing in computer/communication networks, multiprocessors and networks of workstations. Prevention of deadlocks. Unicasting and multicasting virtual networks. Wormhole routing. Routing policies based on turn prohibitions. Testing and diagnosis of computer/communication networks . For more information please contact Prof. Karpovsky or Prof. Levitin.

Hardware Security

Application of Robust Codes for security related hardware applications. Protection of hardware against side-channel attacks. Design of reliable and secure hardware for smart phones resistant to attacks (Part of the joint project with Dr Trachtenberg and Dr Starobinski, ECE Dept and Dr. Corvela, Dr. Reizin, Dr. Homer, Dr Goldberg, from Computer Science Dept, CAS and Dr Zlateva Metropolitan College BU) more info…