Our mission is to consistently exceed our patients’ expectations!

Although our patients have very diverse rehabilitation needs, they share one common goal: to return to their previous activity level as rapidly as possible. Whether that level involves training for a marathon, working on a computer or simply being able to pick up their young child without pain, our progressive sports medicine styled approach starts them on the right track to achieve their goals.

We offer the following services at BUPTC:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Sports Physical Therapy
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Biomechanical Analyses
  • Work Injury Management

Special Programs

  • Sports Injury Screening
  • Foot and Lower Extremity Biomechanical Analysis
  • Aquatic Therapy
    • Ergonomic Assessment
    • Work Injury Prevention
    • Vestibular Therapy
    • Concussion Care