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General Information Room Reservation Policy

There are two offices that handle room reservations on Boston University’s Charles River Campus. The type of event determines which office should be contacted to make a room request.

The Schedules Department, a division of the Office of the University Registrar, assigns classroom space for university classes and final exams. All room requests for a scheduled class should be directed to this department, including:
  • Review sessions
  • Larger midterm exam rooms
  • Extended class times
  • Guest lectures required for a specific class
  • Theses defenses
  • Qualifying exams
University Reservations, a unit within Events & Conferences, reserves meeting space for all student groups, academic departments, and non-academic offices. All room requests that are not directly linked with a scheduled university class should be directed to this office, including:
  • Faculty and Staff Meetings
  • Student organizations (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Information sessions (new students, study abroad, job fairs, etc.)
  • Department-sponsored lectures that are not associated with a specific class
  • Department-sponsored events that are open to the entire University community and/or the public
  • Training of Teaching Fellows, Student Advisors, or new Faculty
  • Orientation sessions that do not fall under the Orientation Office
Additionally, all Sunday room requests should be directed to University Reservations.

We hope that these guidelines help you in identifying the appropriate department to which your room reservation requests be directed. Any questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Schedules Department at 617/353-3621 or to University Reservations at 617/353-2932.
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