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General Information

  • Final Exam Information
  • Information related to final exams including matrix v. non-matrix exams, scheduling conflicts, the study period, and proctors. Students' personal Final Exam schedules, once availible, are viewable from the Student Link. The Official Final Exam Schedule table represents the Final Exam Schedule for those classes that meet at standard block times during a semester.

  • Room Reservation Policy
  • A summary of the room reservation policy as it applies to the University Class Scheduling department and the GSU Reservations department.

  • Reuse of Course Numbers

  • Enrollment Cheat Sheet
  • A summary of all ways a school may control enrollment in class sections.

  • O.U.R. Classroom Inventory
  • Download your desired semester's PDF of a list of all the classrooms in the Registrar Inventory. These documents include details such as capacity and media equipment installed in each classroom.

  • To Do List
  • This PDF lists all of the steps a scheduling administrator must take to set up their class schedule including the related Galaxy tasks and helpful hints.

  • Glossary of O.U.R. Galaxy Functions
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