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One-Shot Forms

Upon request, the University Class Scheduling department will reserve extra classrooms for events directly related to classes on the University Class Schedule. Academic events include:

  • Review sessions
  • Larger rooms for midterm exams
  • Extended class times
  • Guest lecturers for a class when all registered students are required to attend
  • PhD defense
  • Qualifying exams

GSU Reservations manages room requests for all student groups, academic departments, and non-academic offices including:

  • Faculty and Staff Meetings
  • Student organizations (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Information sessions (new students, study abroad, job fairs, etc.)
  • Department-sponsored lectures that are not associated with a specific class
  • Department-sponsored events that are open to the entire University community and/or the public
  • Training of Teaching Fellows, Student Advisors, or new Faculty
  • Orientation sessions that do not fall under the Orientation Office

All requests that are not directly tied to a scheduled class should be made through GSU Reservations office by calling 353-2932.

  • Reserve A Classroom

    Submit this form to request a room for an academic event directly related to a class. The University Class Scheduling department will send a room confirmation to you via email within 48 hours. The department will not reserve a room over the phone and direct emails are not accepted.

    Non-academic offices and non-degree programs should use the Non-Academic Office form.

  • Cancel A Reservation

    You may adjust or cancel a reservation by replying to the email confirmation you receive from the Scheduling department. Submit this form if you cannot locate your confirmation.

  • Non-Academic Office

    The University Class Scheduling department reserves classrooms for some large offices and non-degree programs such as Admissions, Undergraduate Orientation, and the Center for Professional Education. This form is specifically intended for these special groups.

    If you are the scheduling administrator for one of these offices and are unable to access this form, please email your BU login name to

One-Shot Forms
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