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Final Exam Forms

The University Class Scheduling department manages the creation and publication of the Final Exam Schedule. Schools are required to indicate whether a class is holding an exam via CC50 in Galaxy during the first week of the semester. Exams are scheduled, assigned classrooms, and published on the Link by the end of the first month of classes. Any changes to the exam schedule may be requested by submitting one of the following forms.

If you are the scheduling administrator for your school and are unable to access these forms, please send your BU login name to

  • Add A New Exam

    This form adds a new exam to the Final Exam Schedule. All information is requested at the time of submission including the exam date, time, and room request. Administrators are encouraged to refer to the Final Exam Policy when scheduling exams.

  • Day/Time Change

    Exams are either scheduled according to the Final Exam Matrix or, if the class does not meet during standard times, on the day and time that the class would normally meet during the exam week. Submit this form to request a day or time change. Dean’s approval is required after the Exam Schedule is published and should be forwarded to Schools are responsible for notifying all enrolled students when the exam day or time changes.

  • Request/Add Room

    To change the room assignment, or to add additional rooms to a final exam, submit this form. When requesting a proprietary classroom, select the building and “ARR” in the drop-down menus and list the specific room number in the comments box. Schools are responsible for posting room change signs and notifying enrolled students of room changes made within two weeks of the exam week.

  • Cancel an Exam

    Administrators may remove an exam from the Exam Schedule by submitting this form. Per the Provost, undergraduate final examinations should not be simply eliminated or replaced by term papers, take-home examinations, or other alternatives. Except in courses in which there is a legitimate reason not to administer a final examination, the expectation is that a final examination will be given during the time scheduled by the University Registrar.

Final Exam Forms
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