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Course Inventory Forms

The Course Inventory, which is visible via CC00 in Galaxy, is a record of all active, planned, and phased-out course numbers. Administrators may use the maintenance functions in Galaxy to adjust the courses in their Inventory until academic rollover occurs. After the deadline passes, administrators may use one of these forms to make adjustments to their inventory.

If you are the scheduling administrator for your school and are unable to access these forms, please send your BU login name to

  • Add A New Course Number

    This form sets up a new course in the Inventory using a course number that was never offered before. If the course number appears in CC00, use the Phase In/Out Course form.

  • Change Existing Course Number

    Submit this form to change the details of a course number that appears in the CC00. This includes the title, credit hours, instruction types, or semester pattern.

  • Phase In/Out Course

    Phasing Out a course will deactivate the number in the Inventory and make the number ineligible for rollover. Phasing In a course number will reactivate it. If details such as the title or credit hours are changing, submit the Change Existing Course Number form. Administrators must also submit the Add a New Class form found in the Class Schedule section if they wish to offer a newly phased-in course number during the current semester.

Course Inventory Forms
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