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Class Schedule

The University Class Schedule is always visible internally on the Faculty/Staff Link and is released to the public via the Student Link immediately following student academic rollover. Scheduling administrators in each school and college are required to set up their classes using the scheduling tools in Galaxy before the publication deadline. Once the schedule is made public, administrators must submit one of these forms to request additions or changes.

If you are the scheduling administrator for your school and are unable to access these forms, please send your BU login name to

  • Add A New Class

    Submit this form to add a class section to the published schedule. All details are required upon submission of this form, including a valid room request if applicable. If necessary, download the classroom list for help in selecting an appropriate room request. Dean’s approval is required to add a new section after the deadline passes and should be forwarded via email to

  • Add A Directed Study

    This form is appropriate for adding new sections to the class schedule that do not have a set meeting day or time i.e. “arranged.” Examples include: Directed study sections, internships, and online courses. The form allows for the addition of multiple sections when they share the same enrollment planning data.

  • Change Schedule Information

    Use this form when a class section already appears on the Link but the details are incorrect. This includes meeting days, times, room requests, date range, and enrollment limit. Dean’s approval is required when changing days and/or times after publication and should be forwarded via email to

  • Change Enrollment Information

    This simplified form is identical to the “Change Schedule Information” form, however, it does not include any fields for changing the days, times, or room requests. When requesting an identical adjustment for several sections of the same course number, the University Class Scheduling department will accept a single form for all sections. Simply list the additional sections in the “comments” box before submitting.

  • Cancel/Close/Reopen Section

    Submit this form to cancel a class section that is currently active on the class schedule or to close a class section to registration. Dean’s approval is required when cancelling a section after publication and should be forwarded to Additionally, it is the responsibility of the school to notify all students enrolled of the cancellation.

    Administrators may close a class section via CC21 through the second week of the semester. Reopening a class section is only possible when the section was previously cancelled or closed. If it does not currently appear on the Faculty/Staff Link, or if any schedule or enrollment data is changing, use the Add a New Class form.

  • Room Changes

    The University Class Scheduling department assigns classrooms to all sections on the schedule. Submit this form to request a room change after the rooms are assigned. When requesting a proprietary classroom, select the building and “ARR” in the drop-down menus and list the specific room number in the comments box. Administrators should keep the enrollment limit in mind when requesting rooms to ensure that the maximum occupancy of a classroom is appropriate for the number of students expected to enroll. Schools are responsible for posting room change signs and notifying enrolled students of room changes made within two weeks of the first day of classes.

  • Room Swaps

    This form allows for multiple room change requests at once. Administrators must obtain permission from all parties before requesting a swap that impacts classes in other schools or colleges.

  • Update Class Comment

    This form adds, changes, or removes Class Comments, which appear above a class section on the Link with a push-pin icon and typically involve registration instructions. Do not use this form for editing Line Comments, which appear on the right-hand side of class sections.

  • Special Fee Codes

    A special fee code allows a class section to charge differently than standard classes. Classes must be approved by the Tuition and Fees committee to use a nonstandard charge. This form is submitted directly to Jeff Tomeo in the Systems department of the Office of the University Registrar.

Class Schedule Forms
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