The University holds a Commencement ceremony in May to honor all September, January, and May graduates. For more detailed information please visit the University’s Commencement website.

In addition to the All-University Commencement ceremony, each school or college holds a convocation ceremony where students are individually recognized. For details about any convocation ceremony, please contact the school or college ‘graduation office. These offices can also help with questions and concerns about Commencement itself, such as ticket purchasing, parking, and ceremony locations.

CAS College of Arts & Sciences 617-358-3199
CFA School of Fine Arts 617-353-3350
COM College of Communication 617-353-3471
EGS Graduate School of Arts & Sciences with College of Engineering 617-358-0751
ENG College of Engineering (Undergraduate) 617-353-6447
ENG College of Engineering (Graduate) 617-353-9760
GRS Graduate School of Arts & Sciences 617-353-2696
LAW School of Law (American Law Program) 617-353-5323
LAW School of Law (Graduate Banking Program) 617-353-3023
LAW School of Law (Graduate Tax Program) 617-353-3105
LAW School of Law (Juris Doctor) 617-353-3115
LAW School of Law (Intellectual Property Law Program) 617-353-5323
MED School of Medicine (M.D.) 617-638-4160
MED School of Medicine (M.S., M.A., Ph.D.) 617-638-5124
MED School of Medicine (M.S. Dermatology) 617-638-5523
MET Metropolitan College (Undergraduate) 617-353-2980
MET Metropolitan College (Graduate) 617-353-3010
QST Questrom School of Business (Graduate) 617-353-2673
QST Questrom School of Business ( Undergraduate) 617-353-2650
SAR College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College 617-353-2713
SDM Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine 617-638-4708
SED School of Education 617-353-4235
SHA School of Hospitality Administration 617-353-0930
SMG School of Management (Undergraduate) 617-353-2650
SPH School of Public Health 617-638-5059
SSW School of Social Work 617-353-3761
STH School of Theology 617-353-3053
UNI The University Professors 617-353-2696