The diploma name is printed on a student’s diploma, and defaults to the name as it appears on the student’s University record. Once they’ve been made a ‘tentative or official’ graduate by their school/college, students can use the Student Link to update their diploma name by selecting the ‘Diploma and Graduation Information’ option under the Academics tab.

The diploma name must match the legal first and last name on file with the University; to change a legal first and/or last name on the diploma to something different from the University record, the student must also submit a Name Change Form with supporting legal documentation (driver’s license, marriage certificate, passport, etc.) by fax, email, or in-person submission to the Office of the University Registrar. If proper legal documentation has not been provided before the diploma is to be produced, the diploma name will be reverted to the name on the student’s record.

Confirm your diploma name is the way you want your name printed on your diploma; some abbreviation and expansion is acceptable (e.g., updating your diploma name to “John Mark Student” from “John M. Student”). When updating your diploma name:

  • Do not update your name using all capital letters;
  • Add a period (.) after your middle initial.

The Registrar’s Office will correct any diploma name that has been entered in all capital letters, is missing the period after their middle initial, or has been improperly changed; students can appeal these corrections by contacting the Diploma Office at 617-353-3604 or

The graduate will be responsible for the cost of a new diploma if a diploma name change request is received after the diploma has been printed.

International Students

It is strongly recommended for international students to match the name printed on their diploma to the exact name as it appears on their passport; for visa, insurance, and other official verification purposes, various international governments and verification agencies will not accept a student’s diploma as an official document if the name does not match the name on  their University record and passport.