The forms listed below may be returned to the

Office of the University Registrar
881 Commonwealth Avenue
Second Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

after they have been downloaded and completed.

  • Registration Form (Fall & Spring)
    If you are unsure of your School’s registration and advising requirements, contact the advising office of your School or College for more information. Registration Forms will not be processed without the appropriate adviser’s signature.

    For Summer Term information, please visit their website.
    Please note the University’s Legal Notice regarding class registration.
  • Add / Drop Form
    Classes may be added on a space available basis for approximately two weeks after the start of the semester. (Please see important dates for specific deadlines). Some Schools require an advisor’s signature for any changes to your schedule. If you are unsure of your School’s
    requirements, please contact your advising office for more information.
  • Personal Data Update Form
    Use this form only if you do not have access to update this information on the Student Link. Complete the information and mail it to the address above.
  • Directory Information Restriction Form
    Students who do not have access to the Personal Page on the Student Link (Personal tab, Data Restriction option) should use this paper form to update their Directory Information Restriction preferences.

    Complete the information and mail it to the address above.
    ** Please Note: Even after graduation, privacy preferences remain in effect. As an example: If a student has restricted the release of their degrees, honors, and awards, the Office of the University Registrar will not confirm degrees earned to prospective employers or any other party without the student’s permission.
  • Name Change Form
    Students who wish to change their name on Boston University Records must submit this form to the Office of the University Registrar along with documentation of a legal name change.
  • Registration Petition for the Boston Area Consortia 
    Cross-registration is a formal agreement between Boston University and several local colleges and universities whereby BU students can attend courses at other institutions, and students from other institutions can attend courses at BU. The primary schools in the cross-registration consortium are Boston College, Brandeis University, Tufts University and Hebrew College.
  • Apostille Request Form  Apostille is a form of authentication issued by the Secretary of State which verifies the authenticity of a document. A document that has been certified with an Apostille is accepted for legal use in all nations that have signed the Hague Convention.
  • Replacement Diplomas Form  A graduate who would like to request a duplicate diploma may order a replacement by filling out the Diploma Replacement Request Form and mailing or faxing it to the Boston University Diploma Office.