Policy Regarding Release of Information to Parents and Guardians

(effective September 1, 2009)

The University does not routinely send grade reports, course schedules, transcripts, or preliminary disciplinary communications to parents or guardians. Parents or guardians who want to know about their son or daughter’s academic performance or general well-being are encouraged to ask their son or daughter and may wish to request that the student allow them access to online transcript, proof of enrollment, and student account information. Further, conversations between a student and advisors, mentors, and disciplinary hearing officers are treated as confidential and therefore are generally not shared with others, including parents or guardians, without a student’s specific permission. This is consistent with the University’s view that students should be treated like responsible adults and with the University’s goal of promoting each student’s growth and independence.

If a student has provided consent to disclosure of information from his or her education records to a parent or guardian, the University will communicate with the parent or guardian in the following situations:

  • If the student voluntarily withdraws or takes a leave of absence;
  • If the student is suspended or dismissed from the University;
  • If the student is required to leave University housing;
  • In response to questions or concerns about the student’s financial aid or student account;
  • If a student is placed on academic probation, a school or college official may notify parents.

Even without consent, parents and guardians will be informed if the parent or guardian’s loan or financial obligation has been canceled. In addition, even without consent, the University will communicate with parents in the event of an emergency that poses a threat or danger to the health or safety of their son or daughter. The University, as a general rule, will also communicate with parents if their son or daughter, under the age of twenty-one, is found to have committed a serious violation of laws or rules pertaining to alcohol or controlled substances.

How can my son or daughter provide me with the ability to view academic or student account information?

Students are able to grant access to view their academic and/or student account information using the new ShareLink Access function available on the Student Link.

How can my son or daughter provide consent to disclosure?

Your son or daughter can provide consent to disclosure by:

  1. Accessing the Student Link
  2. Selecting menu item Personal Profile
  3. Clicking on Consent-to-Disclosure
  4. Marking Consent-to-Disclosure box opposite the relation’s name
  5. Clicking on Update

If you have been given the ability to view academic or student account information as a ShareLink viewer but misplaced the URL you may logon to ShareLink at: https://www.bu.edu/link/shortcut/sharelink