Fall 2018
Final exams begin: Monday, December 17, 2018
Last day of final exams: Friday, December 21, 2018

The Final Exam Matrix, below, maps a tentative schedule until the current semester’s exam schedule is finalized. In some cases (e.g., scheduled group exams), the table is not followed and the official exam schedule will vary from the proposed matrix below; students are encouraged to verify final exam dates and times with their instructors before arranging their end-of-semester travel plans.

Classes that do not follow these standard times are considered Non-Block, and the exam dates and times for these classes are determined by the school/college offering the course; some highly utilized Non-Blocks will occasionally be included in the exam matrix, where beneficial to student scheduling. For more information, including that surrounding exam proctoring, please review the Final Exam Policy.

In all cases, final exam times on the Student Link are correct.

Note: School Administrators should direct final exam questions to the Schedules Department in the Registrar’s Office.