Recital Recording (for Boston University students only)

CFA Audio’s recital recording service includes a recording engineer and equipment for the duration of your performance, and two copies of an edited CD; a master, burned directly from our computer with hand-written labeling, and a second copy with your name, performance date and venue printed directly on the CD as well as program information on printed jewel case inserts.

  • Concert Hall or Marshall Room – $100
  • Marsh Chapel – $130
  • If your recital is off-campus, please contact us for a quote
  • You must contact us at least two weeks prior to your recital date. We cannot guarantee availability for requests made with less than two weeks’ notice.  Recital recording fees are non-refundable
  • We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), check or cash (exact change only)
  • To pay your recital recording fee online, please click here

You should begin the process of booking your recital by visiting the College of Fine Arts Scheduling and Programs Office, located in the basement in room B01. This is where you will reserve a room and a time for your performance. Once your recital is booked, you then contact us with the date, location and any other relevant details (instrumentation, stage layout, etc.).  Please note that you must contact us at least two weeks before your recital date in order to ensure availability of a recording engineer.  Your recital fee must be paid prior to your performance or it will not be recorded.

If your performance requires audio playback, sound reinforcement, monitoring, or any other unusual circumstances, please contact us before paying.  As our live sound equipment is quite limited, we cannot guarantee that we can provide support for any services beyond recording.

Recording Sessions (open to the public)

Recording sessions are held primarily in the College of Fine Arts Concert Hall and can be scheduled directly through CFA Audio.  Sessions should ideally be scheduled as far in advance as possible as availability of the Concert Hall can vary greatly depending on the time of year.

We offer two basic types of recording sessions in the Concert Hall: two-track and multi-track.  As the name suggests, a two-track recording consists of two microphones arranged as a stereo pair.  The result is a very natural and accurate sound with a good sense of the space in which the recording is taking place.  The balance between instruments in this type of recording is dependent upon the musicians and cannot be adjusted to any great effect through editing or mixing.

A multi-track session is one in which more than two microphones are used.  A typical setup of this type in the Concert Hall would be a stereo pair of microphones as described above with the addition of one or more “spots” — usually on a soloist — up to eight microphones total.  The biggest advantage of a multi-track recording is that it gives you the ability to alter the balance between instruments after the performance has been recorded.

In addition to sessions, we can also provide complete digital audio editing services, regardless of whether or not your recording was made with us.  Editing and recording are separate charges, and both are outlined below.

  • 2-track session: $60 per hour for BU affiliates*, $90 per hour for non-affiliates.  Two hour minimum.  Includes recording fee and CD of rough takes
  • Multitrack session: $70 per hour for BU affiliates, $100 per hour for non-affiliates. Two hour minimum.  Includes recording fee and CD of rough takes
  • Payment is due at the end of the recording session. No recorded material will be given to the client until payment has been made
  • Cancellation of a recording session requires 24 hours notice. If this requirement is not met, a $25 cancellation fee will be assessed

*BU Affiliates include students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, staff and alumni.

Recital/Concert Recording for non-School of Music or non-BU individuals and groups and remote recordings

  • Fee will depend on location and length of performance. Please contact us to discuss the details of your performance
  • Fee is due two weeks prior to the performance date
  • Includes recording fee, 1 master CD and 1 CD with printed inserts and labels

Other Services

Sale of School of Music Performances on CD

  • $10 for single-disc copies
  • $15 for double-disc copies
  • $25 for recordings that require a real-time media transfer.  This usually applies to concerts before about 1999 – 2000 that were recorded to an older medium such as DAT or analog tape

Recordings of School of Music performances are strictly for archival and educational use.  Any unauthorized duplication, broadcast or sale is prohibited by law.

    Digital Audio Editing/Mastering

    • $50 per hour
    • Payment is due at the end of the session
    • 1 CD master is included in the cost

    CD Duplication

    • $10 per copy. Discounts can be given if more than 5 copies are ordered
    • This cost also applies to concerts recorded by CFA Audio

    We will not duplicate any media containing copyrighted material without the written consent of the copyright holder(s).

      Media Transfers

      • For any media that require a real-time transfer (i.e. cassette, DAT, analog tape, etc.) the charge is $20 per hour, and includes a CD copy with requested track markers.  If anything other than simple editing (i.e. fade-ins and fade-outs of tracks) is required, the regular editing charge of $50 per hour will apply

      Other Fees

      Piano Tuning Fee

      • Piano and/or harpsichord fees must be discussed with the CFA piano tuners.  They can be contacted at 617-353-3894


      Please note:

      The above rates are basic charges for basic services. CFA Audio reserves the right to amend these fees for projects which are unusual or exceptionally labor-intensive. We are happy to discuss the details of your project with you.

      No refunds.