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Who is eligible?
Only full-time graduate students at the Boston University School of Medicine are currently eligible.  Preference is given to the entering first-year class at the School of Medicine each year.

If I am an incoming first year BU Medical Student when and how can I apply?
Entering BU medical students will receive instructions for applying for the residence with their acceptance letters.

If I am a current MSR tenant, when and how can I apply?
Current residents in MSR will be contacted each year with instructions for applying to the lottery.

How much is the rent?
The 2017/18 base rent is $1,300 and includes utilities, basic HD cable, and high speed internet. In 2017/18, there is a Housing Grant of $275 awarded to each resident.

How does the Housing Grant work?
In 2017/18, every resident at the Medical Student Residence will receive a Housing Grant starting August 1, 2017. The Grant can only be applied to rent at the Residence.  It will be credited to your rental account and will be applied in 12 equal payments offsetting each months’ rent.

Are wheelchair accessible apartments available?
Yes.  The suites ending in -03 on each floor are accessible. There are a total of 8 accessible suites in the building.

What furniture is included? Bed size?
All units are fully furnished, with furnishings custom-designed to meet the interior design standards of the new Medical Student Residence.  Each bedroom is furnished with a Full bed and mattress, desk and chair, dresser, and an easy chair. Each suite is also furnished with a round drop-leaf table and two dining chairs.

What appliances are included?
A stove with oven, microwave, and refrigerator are provided.  The stove and refrigerator are apartment-sized appliances.

What utilities are included?
Water, electricity, heat, and central air conditioning are included.  Basic High Definition cable service with over 150 channels and high-speed internet are also included at no extra charge. Cable and internet are available in each bedroom as well as the common area of each suite. Telephone service is not included and is not available.

How accessible is it to public transportation?
The nearest of 12 MBTA bus stops at the Medical Campus is less than a block away; the nearest subway stop is a 5 minute bus ride or a 15 minute walk away.  Bus, train and commuter rail stations, and Logan International Airport are all accessible by MBTA public transportation.

Is parking available?
There is no parking for residents provided at the Medical Student Residence, with the exception of HP parking, which requires that a Certification of Disability is registered with the Office of Parking and Transportation Services (www.bumc.bu.edu/parking)  Information on student parking at the BU Medical Campus can be found at www.bumc.bu.edu/parking/student-information

Is there a license agreement?
There is a 11-month and 15 day residence license agreement.  The term of the license is from August 1 to July 15th.

What do I need to pay in advance?
You will be required to pay a $550 Housing Guarantee Payment before you will be allowed to complete a License Agreement or select a room.

How and when will I get my deposit back?
  At the end of the 11 month and 15 day license term, it will be refunded, LESS any deductions for damages (normal wear and tear excluded), any unpaid rent, and any keys not returned.

How big are the suites/rooms?
Suite sizes range from 467 to 497 square feet; the most common configuration is 470 square feet.   Bedrooms range from 114 to 145 square feet.  The smaller bedroom in a suite generally has the larger closet in a suite.  Floor plans and individual suite plans are available online on this page, showing room dimensions.

Can I choose my suite/room or is it assigned?
Suite selection will be on a first-paid, first-to-select basis when you pay the $550 Housing Guarantee Payment.

Can two people share a room (not a suite)?
No.  Only one person may live in a room.

Can my married spouse live with me?
No.  The exception is if both you and your married spouse are registered full-time students at the Boston University School of Medicine when you execute your license agreement.  Only two people may occupy a suite at the Medical Student Residence;  you and your married spouse must sign a license agreement covering the entire suite. As an alternative, Real Estate Office (www-staging.bu.edu/realestate) also leases apartments on Boston University’s Charles River Campus.

Can my child live with me?
No.  Only adult full-time students at the Boston University School of Medicine are eligible to live at the Medical Student Residence.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed.

Who will be my suitemate?
Your suitemate will be a full-time student of the same gender at the Boston University School of Medicine.

Can I choose my suitemate or are they assigned?
You may choose a suitemate of the same gender.  Ideally, each of you will complete your license agreements at the same time to guarantee you will be together.  If you do not choose a suitemate, one will select the other bedroom in the suite or be assigned to it.

Who determines who gets the room with the bigger closet?
All suites have been designed to maximize kitchen, bedroom, and closets spaces.  The choice of a bedroom in a suite is determined by which of the two suite residents selects his or her room first.  The smaller bedroom in a suite generally has a larger closet than that in the larger bedroom. Residents who pay the Housing Guarantee Payment first and then sign their license agreements will have priority in suite and bedroom selection.

Is the area safe?
Generally, yes.  The Boston University Medical Campus is located in an urban residential and business area of Boston.  Members of the medical campus community must be aware of their surroundings and share responsibility for their safety with the many police and security services provided by the University. The Boston University Police Department, a 24-hour full service law enforcement agency, provides uniformed patrol and investigative services to the Medical Campus  community. Police officers are armed and are graduates of police academies. The Boston University Medical Campus Public Safety Office provides 24-hour unarmed physical building security and offers an escort service at night and on weekends and holidays.  An evening BU Medical Campus Shuttle operates from 5 PM until midnight and will stop at the Medical Student Residence on request.  There is also a Blue Light emergency phone on the exterior of the Medical Student Residence and several on the walking route from the School of Medicine to the Residence.  There are currently 24 Blue Light telephones on the Medical Campus.

Is there security in the building?
The building is locked and residents have electronic card access to the main doors and to the fitness room.  Suites, individual bedrooms, and suite mailboxes are keyed.  A number of surveillance cameras are installed in an outside of the building; these are monitored by the Medical Campus Public Safety Office. There is no guard posted inside the building.

What is the overnight guest policy?
Overnight guests are permitted with the agreement of the host’s suitemate, for periods not to exceed three consecutive nights.  Residents are expected to respect the privacy and the right of their suitemates and other residents to live and study without disruption.  Residents are responsible for their guests, whether overnight or not, and whether the residents are present or not.

Will I be able to lock my room door?
Yes.  When you move into the building, you will receive three keys (suite entry key, suite room key, and mailbox key). Your BUID will be activated to give you access to the building front door.

Who do I contact regarding lockouts/maintenance issues?
Boston University Medical Campus Facilities is available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 617-638-4144.

When can I move in?
August 1st each year.

When is rent due?
Each month, in advance, no later than the first day of each month.

How/To whom do I pay rent?
Rent is paid to Trustees of Boston University.  All monthly rental checks are required to be forwarded to Century Bank and Trust Co., c/o Boston University Real Estate, P.O. Box 22, Medford, MA 02155. Please make sure that the apartment code is on the check. If you require the building code, please contact our accounting department at (617) 353-9833.

Do I need renter’s insurance?
Boston University strongly suggests you obtain an insurance policy covering your personal possessions.  The University assumes no responsibility for personal possessions anywhere in the building.

What do I do when it is time to move in and move out?
For the beginning of the year move-in (August 1) and the end of the year move-out (July 15).

What should I bring?
You will need to provide:  Bed and bath linens, a desk task lamp and any table or floor lighting fixtures you would like.  In addition, you will need cleaning supplies, a shower curtain, dinnerware and silverware, and kitchenware (pots, pans, bowls, and cooking tools).  Floors are carpeted except in the common kitchenette area and the bathroom; a carpet sweeper is a good idea to keep things clean and tidy.  We suggest you agree with your suitemate about what things each of you will provide, and on whether to bring items or purchase them once you arrive in Boston.

Can I bring my own furniture?
Furniture may not be removed from bedrooms or suites. If, after you arrive, you decide you want additional furnishings — such as bookcases – you may of course add them to your room or the suite. You are not allowed to add any couches or futons.

What shouldn’t I bring?
Boston University policy and state law does not allow students to have weapons of any kind on campus.  Other things you should not bring include large furniture, pets, and dangerous chemicals.

Can I stay in the room the entire time I’m at the Boston University Medical School?
Generally, no.  The Medical Student Residence is primarily designed to serve the unique residential needs of first year Boston University medical students; it is unlikely any residents will be allowed to reside at the Medical Student Residence for four years.

Can I renew my license agreement?
The primary purpose of the Medical Student Residence is to serve first-year students at the Boston University School of Medicine.  Most spaces in the building each year will be allotted to the first-year class.  A number of spaces will likely be available – via lottery – to eligible residents who wish to renew their licenses.

Can I live here for only one (1) semester?
No.  License Agreements are for 11 months and 15 days – August 1 to July 15 – and you are responsible for the entire term.

Is subletting allowed?
Residents are not allowed to Sublicense their rooms.

What amenities are in the building?
There is large common Student Lounge, a fitness room, and a common kitchenette on the ground floor. Vending machines, a laundry room, and bike racks are on the basement level.

Is smoking permitted?
No.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Medical Student Residence or on the grounds. The Boston University Medical Campus is smoke-free.

Is alcohol permitted?
Any person 21 years or older in Massachusetts may keep and consume alcoholic beverages.  Responsible behavior and consideration for other residents, in this and all activities at the Residence, are expected of all residence and their guests.

Is there bike storage?
There will be bicycle racks provided in the basement of the Residence for 30 bicycles.  Other locations of bike racks can be found at www.bu.edu/maps and by clicking “Bike Racks” under “Medical Campus.”

How are suitemate disputes handled?
If reasonable discussion does not resolve a dispute, Student Affairs Office will be asked to intervene and facilitate a resolution.

What do I do if I can’t live with my suitemate?  Can I switch  rooms? Or suitemates?
Suitemate changes will be considered after the first 2 weeks of classes.  Mutually agreeable suitemate exchanges will be handled by Real Estate Office.  License Agreements must be rewritten to reflect the new resident in a room within a suite.

How do I receive mail and packages?
The US Postal Service will deliver mail to lobby mailboxes.  Each suite will have a locked mailbox that will accommodate mail and small packages.  Delivery slips will be left for items hat require a signature. Packages too big for the mailbox will be left in the package delivery closet in the first floor lounge of MSR.

Is there air conditioning?
Yes.  Each suite has unit-controlled central air conditioning and heat.

Are there any common lounge or study areas in the building?
Yes, on the first floor of the building.

Is there laundry?
Yes.  There are 9 washers and 11 dryers in the basement of the residence.  There will be a laundry web where residents can tell when a machine is available.   A change-making machine is located in the laundry room. Residents must provide their own laundry supplies.

Where do I dispose of trash?
There are receptacles provided for the disposal of refuse and trash. All rubbish must be in a tied plastic bag before placing in the receptacle.

Is there recycling?
Yes.  Recycling bins will be located on the 1st floor, next to the rubbish receptacles.

Is there a dining hall?
No.  Kitchenettes are provided in each suite for food preparation.

Where is the grocery store?
Several small markets are located within walking distance.  Large full-service grocery stores are a 10 minute bus or car ride away.

What other housing options are available to me if I don’t get in the building?
Our office leases apartments located on the Boston University Charles River Campus, please contact our office at (617) 353-4101. The  Housing Resources Office at the School of Medicine (www.bumc.bu.edu/ohr) offers guidance and advice on other area-wide housing. The Off-Campus Housing Office (www.bu.edu/offcampus) offers other services to Boston University student, faculty, and staff looking for an apartment.