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MSR Policies

BUSM Residence Hall Policies
Boston University School of Medicine is committed to a living environment that is professional, collegial, supportive of all personnel, and conducive to providing the best possible teaching, research and patient care. The school places a very high priority on maintaining an environment characterized by generosity, integrity, constructive interactions, mentoring, and respect for diversity and differences among members of our community.

We wish to develop a collegial community in the Residence Hall, where students assist each other to meet the challenges of medical school together. Medical students are held to a higher standard of conduct and professionalism than undergraduate students.

Alcohol Policy
Any person 21 years and older in Massachusetts may keep and consume alcoholic beverages. Responsible behavior and consideration of other residents, in this and all activities at the Residence are expected. Only students living in the building may bring alcohol into the Residence. Alcohol can only be consumed in the student’s suites. No open containers of alcohol are permitted in the lobby, hallways or public lounge or exercise space. No beer kegs are permitted anywhere in the facility.

Medical students need quiet to be able to study and sleep. Please keep noise to a minimum from 6 PM to 8 AM.

Students are expected to keep their suites clean and to effectively maintain the building. Students are responsible for any damage to their suite. Pets, smoking, candles, weapons or illegal substances or activities are not allowed.

Guests are permitted to stay overnight only with the consent of the suite mate. They are not permitted during the first 2 weeks of school or during exam periods. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guest(s).

Important Phone Numbers:
617-414-4444 Public Safety for fires, smoke, perception of physical danger, medical or psychiatric emergencies, etc.
617-638-4144 BU Medical Campus Facilities Control if locked out of the suite, appliances not working, etc.