Course Offerings

Core Course

Students will enroll in the following course at Boston University School of Theology in the fall:

Course: STH TS 805, Mondays 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Title: The Spirituality and the Art of Conflict Transformation: Creating a Culture of JustPeace

Description:  This core course for the Religion and Conflict Transformation Program will introduce students to the theology, theory and practice of faith-based conflict transformation, preparing students to become religious leaders equipped with fundamental tools and skills for engaging conflict and transforming conflict in a way that advances God’s goal of shalom, a culture of JustPeace. This course will go beyond the theology and theory to specific practices with training through weekly exercises.


Other classes that count as core electives include:


Spring 2015

STH TM 858 Creating Resilience Amidst Resource Scarcity

STH TS 877: Principles and Practices of Restorative Justice for Church and Society

STH TF 808 M2: Travel Seminar: Israel/Palestine: Dual Narratives

STH TS 894: Being the Church in the 21st Century

STH TS 807: Narrative Power and Interfaith Peacebuilding


Fall 2015

STH TS 862: Global Ethics in Cultural Contexts

STH TS 822: The Ethical Leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr.

STH TC 871: Spiritual Foundations for Peace Building

STH TS 829: Christian Ecological Ethics and Political Issues

 STH TM 815: Christian Mission

STH TM 857: Mission and Development

STH TS 805: The Spirit and the Art of Conflict Transformation: Creating a Culture of JustPeace

STH TT 898: Theology and Trauma

For a full list of the RCT electives offered at BU STH, please click here.


For all other courses, please make an appointment with the RCT Program Coordinator to discuss the course’s suitability.  She will be discussing with you how the course meets the following two criteria:

1 – course has as one of its central purposes the study of one of the 6 themes (conflict studies, trauma healing, restorative justice, human security, spiritual formation of peacebuilders, and interfaith dialogue);

2 – significant attention to analyzing religion in relation to conflict and/or conflict transformation.

For a listing of classes offered at other schools in the area, visit the BTI website.