About The Program

Our Mission

The Religion and Conflict Transformation program prepares religious leaders to become a resource for peace in a multi-cultural, multi-faith world.

What we do

The Religion and Conflict Transformation (RCT) program is a seminary-based program in theologically-informed conflict transformation. It is aimed at training ministers and other religious leaders in the theology, theory, and practice of faith-based conflict transformation in the church and in the world. At the heart of this program is putting the ministry of reconciliation back at the center of the church’s mission and the training of religious leaders for that mission. Our mission is to prepare religious leaders to become a resource for peace in a multi-cultural, multi-faith world. The program emphasizes the following focal areas: conflict studies, trauma healing, restorative justice, human security, spiritual formation of peacebuilders, and interfaith dialogue. The program is offered to students enrolled in degree programs, as well as to non-degree students, such as ministers and other professionals in the field seeking to advance their education and receive training and certification in the area of religion and conflict transformation. The RCT program welcomes all religious leaders, including, 1) Pastors and lay persons, 2) Prison chaplains, 3) Military chaplains, 4) Missionaries, 5) Non-governmental organization professionals, and 6) Facilitators of conflict transformation.

The BTI Certificate

There are two ways to earn a certificate: 1) Supplement an existing program for degree candidates in the BTI schools. 2) Register for continuing education programs in the BTI schools. Registrants may be, for example, social workers and lawyers, teachers and missionaries, pastors or priests, military and prison chaplains, or others.


Students enrolled in the Boston University School of Theology’s Master of Theological Studies (MTS) programs may pursue a specialization in Religion and Conflict Transformation. Specialization students will receive the BTI Certificate in RCT and a transcript noting a specialization in RCT studies. Requirements for the specialization are the same as the general certificate program.

Summary of Program Requirements:

1.    Four (4) courses minimum: 16 credits;

a.    The Religion and Conflict Transformation Core Course. (4 credits)
b.    Three additional course electives, one of which may be a Practicum. (12 credits)

2.    Attendance at an annual Fall Retreat