Peter Storey Event: “Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa”

Join us November 19 in the Oxnam Room of Boston University School of Theology for this rare opportunity. Peter Storey is a South African Methodist clergy and former President of the Methodist Church in South Africa. Dr. Storey’s 40 year ministry in South Africa was defined by sustained opposition to the infamous apartheid government and its oppressive racist policies. Peter Storey served as Chairperson of the Regional Peace Accord combating political violence in the Johannesburg/Soweto area and was appointed by President Nelson Mandela to help select members of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Dr. Storey will address “Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa: A bridge too far? Has the Truth and Reconciliation Commission failed South Africa, or has South Africa failed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?” Dr. Storey will preach in Marsh Chapel the following morning at weekly chapel service.

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