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July 20th, 2011

RCT’s Shelly Rambo has one of the most used articles in the International Journal of Practical Theology (IJPT).  Entitled, “Trauma and Faith: Reading the Narrative of the Hemorrhaging Woman,” it can be read here (Volume 13, Issue 2 of the journal).


This essay offers a theological analysis of trauma, recognizing the difficult questions posed by trauma, which indwells a person’s or community’s body long after the first traumatizing event(s) has passed. The research draws upon a case study, psychological trauma studies, and neuro-biology in dialogue with a fresh reading of Mark 5:25 – 34, the story of the hemorrhaging woman. The analysis concludes with theological constructs that are significant for understanding trauma and trauma-healing. These are: the importance of bodily encounter, the accent on Jesus’ role as witness to radical suffering and healing, and the time-extensive nature of healing.