About the Regulated Community Compliance Project

The Regulated Community Compliance Project (RCCP) focuses on the relationship between government and the regulated community.  It was created by Richard Reibstein and Cutler Cleveland in 2004 and has produced work on lead paint regulations and their reception.  With funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the RCCP has provided training for over 3,000 real estate professionals on the disclosure rule and related regulations.

The RCCP was established to enhance understanding of protective regulations such as the lead Renovation Rule.  It is hoped that this information will provide a picture of whether agencies responsible for health and schools (and/or governors) view the rule as an opportunity: to protect contractors from liability, and to protect children and others from exposure to poisonous lead dusts.  The RCCP invites comments on the information provided, including corrections or pertinent additions, but especially relating to the quality of awareness and implementation.  The RCCP asks readers to provide suggestions concerning the elements of a high-quality program.  The RCCP also asks:


1. is it reasonable to expect that agencies with responsibilities for children’s safety take steps to utilize the opportunities presented by the Renovation Rule, even when they have not received delegation, and even when another agency is more directly responsible?

 2.  what steps should agencies be taking, or ensuring that others are taking, to maximize protections – for contractors, for those who hire contractors, and for those who may experience exposures that could have been prevented?



The RCCP found that people don’t always recognize what a serious problem lead can be, nor that it is relatively easily preventable.  Its work has demonstrated that when they receive information about how lead is harmful, how harm can be avoided through right to know disclosure, and how reducing lead exposure and complying with the law benefits all parties, not just those directly affected by lead, they frequently change their perspective concerning lead and lead paint rules, and say they are more likely to take disclosure requirements seriously.  Read the reports of the RCCP.