Category: Financial Crisis

Volume 36: Fall 2016

March 12th, 2017 in Corporate, Financial Crisis, Legislative Developments, Real Estate, Regulatory Enforcement


Introduction and Table of Contents


Development Articles Table of Contents

Kuhu Parasrampuria, SEC’s New Money Market Rules, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 2 (2016).

Daniel Mello, Anti-Inversion Rules, the Pfizer-Allergan Merger, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Challenge, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 16 (2016).

Alyssa Marchetti, Stricter Anti-Money Laundering Rules for Financial Institutions, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 30 (2016).

Roseanna Loring, Brexit: Economic Impact, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 40 (2016).

Julia Merton, Payday Lending and Its Regulation, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 52 (2016).

Matthew Zolnierz, Dual-Listed IPOs, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 65 (2016).

Harold Primm, Regulating the Blockchain Revolution: A Financial Industry Transformation, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 75 (2016).

Erica Santos, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac: Release from Conservatorship, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 92 (2016).

Danielle Simard, Developments in Internal Scrutiny of Data Security as Illustrated by Goldman Sachs’s Unauthorized Use of Confidential Supervisory Information, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 102 (2016).

Jennifer Villyard, New Department of Labor Final Fiduciary Rule’s Impact on the Securities Market, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 114 (2016).

Max Perricone, Circuit Split on the Interpretation of the Elements of Tipper/Tippee Liability in Insider Trading Cases, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 131 (2016).

Natalie Witter, Insider Trading and Newman Applied: Goldman Sachs, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 144 (2016).

Lauren Troeller, Bitcoin and Money Laundering, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 159 (2016).

Shaida Mirmazaheri, How FinTech Firms Provide a New Path to Regulatory Relief for Banks, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 175 (2016).

Jessica Park, CFTC Proposes Amendments to Registration Exemptions for Foreign Persons, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 195 (2016).


Vincent M. Di Lorenzo, Corporate Wrongdoing: Interactions of Legal Mandates and Corporate Culture, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 207 (2016).

Wulf A. Kaal, Private Fund Investor Due Diligence: Evidence from 1995 to 2015, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 257 (2016).

Dr. Xiaoling Ang & Thomas J. Kearney, Building the CFPB’s Arbitration Archive: A Commentary on Design, Implementation, and Privacy, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 315 (2016).


William Simpson, Note, Above Reproach: How the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Escapes Constitutional Checks & Balances, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 343 (2016).

Mark Lipschultz, Note, Merging the Public and Private: The LIHTC Program and A Formula for More Affordable Housing, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 379 (2016).

Financial Crisis: Retrospective

October 18th, 2012 in Financial Crisis

The financial crisis is far from over. Evidence of monetary policy response and regulatory reform abounds, including QE3, ongoing Dodd-Frank rulemaking, and daily developments at the ECB and the EFSF.

But for anyone shifting to a historical perspective of the crisis and culling through recent financial history, the following timelines of the crisis provide an excellent starting point: the most comprehensive by The St. Louis Fed; two from the New York Fed., one domestic and one international; another focused on the EU by the ECB; and one from the CreditWriteDowns blog.