Student Life

Life at Boston University. Life at the School.

Student life at a major urban university may seem exciting or daunting. It can be both at once. The truth is that each student quickly becomes part of several smaller communities.

You’ll make friends in your dorm. You’ll become close to teammates in intramural sports leagues. In management classes, you’ll work in project teams and learn to trust and rely on people with whom you’ll have common goals. Plus you can join one or more of BU’s 500 student clubs. Many students also make connections through groups and organizations off-campus, including clubs at one of the other 60 colleges in Greater Boston.

The Questrom School of Business itself is a community of its own within the larger University environment. You’ll develop close ties with people in your own major, and meet individuals from other departments.

What makes an education here different from a smaller, business-only college? The diverse people and resources of a major university. Each semester, you’ll encounter people from all over the world who will expose you to new ideas and ways of seeing. And just maybe some of those engineers, pre-meds, programmers, or designers will become business partners and lifelong friends. BU is a city unto itself, 30,000 students, teachers, researchers, all in search of their own goals, as well as joint interests. Just like you.

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