BU Advantage

Business College? Or Major University?

You can major in business at a business college. Or study management in a large urban university in Boston.

At Boston University, you gain:

  • The ability to cross-register in any of the BU undergraduate schools and colleges. Or even try a graduate level course. (Plus you have the ability to cross-register with several other universities in Greater Boston.)
  • The resources of, and exposure to, the entire University: 15 libraries; 100+ research and learning centers; cultural events; 5-20 open lectures a day across campus; 300+ student organizations; Division I athletics and major league sports; major entertainers on campus and in the city; a vibrant, open, intellectual community; and so much more.
  • Boston: a center of business, finance, banking, high technology, healthcare, nonprofits, education, research, and bioscience. In other words, a wealth of opportunity. The School’s link to the city is manifest in the multiple business connections our management faculty possess, the organizations they own or advise, and the internship and job network available to our students.

To study management at Boston University is to maximize your own potential through your choice of opportunities.

If marketing, journalism, or organizational behavior is your interest, then add communications or psychology to your schedule.

International management? Sample other cultures and politics through foreign languages, anthropology, or international relations.

Management information systems concentrators can explore the computer science curriculum.

And if you’re leaning toward management of nonprofits—such as cultural or social services organizations—sample fine arts, art history, or sociology.

Start here. Go anywhere.