Learning Goals

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The undergraduate curriculum creates an environment that builds leaders, and emulates a successful organization. Students take a curriculum balanced between a core of required courses and a broad variety of electives. The undergraduate program introduces students to the study of management in their first semester and provides students with the tools to understand interdependencies in analysis and decision-making.

BSBA Learning Goals

The learning goals of the BSBA program have been adopted by the Undergraduate Program Development Committee as the competencies all graduates of the program should attain.

Specifically, the learning goals of Boston University’s BSBA program are as follows:

  • We develop graduates competent in a general management perspective; including understanding the global nature of business, taking into account relevant risks and constraints, and devising strategies which address ethical concerns
  • We develop graduates with a basic understanding of core functional areas
  • We develop graduates who view business problems through a cross-functional lens
  • We develop graduates with strong communication skills
  • We develop graduates with effective collaborative skills; including leadership and team performance
  • We develop graduates with a basic understanding of technology and its application in solving management problems