BU’s Beth Goldstein, Featured MSNBC Expert, on Entrepreneurship

Goldstein, along with co-commentator Angela Jia Kim, answered questions from MSNBC viewers in two segments, “The Secrets to Effective Window Displays” and “Finding a Distributor and How to Increase Repeat Customers.” More

Dean’s Speaker Series: Dennis Swanson, President, FOX TV

Swanson discusses career highlights including Oprah, Monday Night Football, and the Olympics, and shares his insight on the future of the television industry. More

Dean’s Speaker Series: Gustavo Valle, CEO of Dannon

Valle discusses Dannon's worldwide business, company priorities including health, and provides insight into the US commercial market. More

Conversations with Ken: Dennis Swanson, FOX Television

Dennis Swanson, President of Station Operations at FOX Television, shares insights on discovering Oprah, reinventing Monday Night Football, and rescheduling the Olympics. More

Marshall Van Alstyne – Finding Hidden Expertise Using Information Markets

The School of Management’s Marshall Van Alstyne was the recent featured guest in the video series "Cambridge Nights: Conversations About a Life in Science." In this video, Van Alstyne, an expert on information economics, discusses information markets and how they are changing the way organizations and institutions work. More