Strategy & Innovation

Ian Mashiter’s 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs Seeking Funds

4. All investors are not the same. More

The Curious Case of the Light Cigarette

What happens when consumers take things for granted? More

New Research from Yanbo Wang on Motivations for Cross-Border Reverse Mergers: Bonding Vs. Defrauding

A new study by strategy scholars Jordan I. Siegel of Harvard Business School and Yanbo Wang of Boston University School of Management looks at the intersection of cross-border reverse mergers, corporate governance outcomes, and the motivational role of bonding vs. defrauding. More

S. Karim Publishes Lead Article in Strategic Organization on Product Market Activities

This paper defines "embeddedness" as the dependence on routines and coordination mechanisms within one's own business unit, and explores the degree to which embeddedness impacts the success of product market activities More

Tim Simcoe Publishes New Study on Gov’t Stimulus of Green Building

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Innovation Timothy Simcoe has published a new study on how government policies can stimulate private demand for environmentally friendly buildings. More