Organizational Behavior

Asst Prof Michelle Barton Sees Lessons in MBTA’s Winter Crisis

Take everyday glitches seriously, study them closely, and figure out how to anticipate them earlier next time. More

Kathy Kram Publishes New Book on Mentorship

To succeed in a world that is constantly transforming, we must form relationships through which we can learn new skills, develop new opportunities, and build effective collaborations, according to Kathy Kram, Richard C. Shipley Professor in Management at Boston University School of Management. More

New Research from Erin Reid Explores the Boundaries of Work and Non-Work Identities

A new paper by SMG Professor Erin Reid and Harvard Business School's Lakshmi Ramarajan departs from a decades-old "myth of separate worlds" about the personal and professional, and explores a new theory of how people manage their non-work identities in the workplace. More

Kathy Kram on Changing Trends in Work-at-Home Policies

BU Today spoke with Kathy Kram, Richard C. Shipley Professor in Management, about the potential benefits and negative consequences of a work-from-home ban for a company like Yahoo and its employees. More

Kathy Kram’s Mentoring Research Featured in Forbes

On January 29, featured the research of Boston University's Kathy Kram, as part of the article "3 Ways to Develop Your People Without Overwhelming Yourself." More