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Rebitzer Shares 2012 Best Health Economics Paper Award

Professor James Rebitzer’s "Unhealthy Insurance Markets" has received the 2012 Ken Arrow Award for Best Paper in Health Economics from the International Health Economics Association (iHEA). More

Faculty in the News: May 3, 2012

Boston University Public Relations’ Professor Voices blog features a sampling of quotes by the School’s faculty experts on Romney and health care, Facebook IPO, and Barnes & Noble. More

David Weil Contributes to NRC’s Report on Public Release of Food Safety Data

Weil Is Prominent Scholar on Transparency & Governmental Disclosure The United States Government’s National Research Council, a part of the National Academy of Sciences, recently appointed Boston University School of Management’s David Weil, Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar and a... More

Kabrina Chang Honored for Work on Medical Marijuana and Employment Law

Best Paper Prize for “High Risk Employment: The Management Headache from Medical Marijuana” New work by Kabrina Krebel Chang, an assistant professor in Boston University School of Management’s Markets, Public Policy & Law Department, has been honored with a Best Paper... More

The Impact of Immigration on the Success of High-Skilled Women in the U.S.

Patricia Cortés’ New Research Appears in the American Economic Journal Much controversy about immigration in the U.S. stems from the fear that incoming foreigners deprive natives' access to jobs. But a recent study by Boston University School of Management’s Patricia... More