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Stephen Davidson in New York Times on Health Care, State Rights, and Divergent Costs

Widely-cited health care expert Stephen M. Davidson has written in a letter to the New York Times about the debate over state rights and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. More

Faculty in the News: June 28, 2012

Boston University Public Relations’ Professor Voices blog features a sampling of quotes by experts from BU’s School of Management on JPMorgan, Google, & Wells Fargo. More

Stephen Davidson in Huffington Post on “The Supreme Court and Health Care Reform”

The Huffington Post recently featured the opinion piece "The Supreme Court and Health Care Reform," by Boston University School of Management's Stephen M. Davidson. More

David Weil on Frontline Discusses Labor Standards and Cell Tower Deaths

Professor David Weil discusses subcontractors, fissuring, and lapses in labor standards leading to a spate of fatalities in the cell phone tower industry. More

What if an Interviewer Asks for Your Facebook Page?

SMG’s Kabrina Chang suggests students say "no" if employers ask to see their Facebook page during an interview. More