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Professor Salinger in Forbes: Why the FTC Was Right Not To Sue Google

On January 10, Jacqueline J. and Arthur S. Bahr Professor of Management Michael Salinger's piece "Why the FTC Was Right Not to Sue Google" was featured in the Forbes Leadership Forum on More

Keith Ericson Authors NBER Study on Mandates in Health Insurance Exchanges

A new National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) study, authored by Keith M. Marzilli Ericson and Amanda Starc and focused on pricing regulation in health insurance exchanges (HIE), shows that purchasing mandates can be essential to the functioning of this entire market. More

Stephen Davidson in Huffington Post on What Winning Means for Medicare and More

Davidson's latest opinion piece explores compromise, Congress, and Obama's powers post-election to impact healthcare. More

James Post’s “Private Management and Public Policy” Named Stanford Business Classic

Stanford University Press has chosen Lee Preston and James Post’s Private Management and Public Policy: The Principle of Public Responsibility for their Business Classics Series, devoted to bringing the management field’s seminal texts to a new generation of leaders, researchers, and students. More

Corporate Governance Expert Jim Post on Romney, Responsibility, and Bain

Boston’s WCVB recently sought insight from corporate governance expert James Post about the debate over Romney’s responsibility for the business decisions of his company, Bain Capital. More