Wall Street Journal, BBC Spotlight Georgios Zervas’s Research on Fake Online Reviews

Media references SMG assistant professor’s paper “Fake it Till You Make it” The Wall Street Journal has repeatedly spotlighted the research of Georgios Zervas, Boston University School of Management assistant professor of marketing, on the consequences of fake online reviews. Both... More

Susan Fournier on a New Science of Negative Brand Relationships

A recent study by Boston University School of Management professor Susan Fournier and doctoral candidate Claudio Alvarez "Relating Badly to Brands" calls for a new science of negative brand relationships, a field overlooked by much current research. More

Shuba Srinivasan Among 17 Faculty Awarded Full Professorships at BU

From mapping marketing strategies to mapping the brain, the 17 BU faculty members who have just been promoted to full professor cover a wide and compelling range of research interests. More

Barbara Bickart Explores Eco-Seals’ Impact on Consumers

Researchers Barbara Bickart and Julie Ruth have completed a study filling a crucial gap in advertisers' knowledge about the efficacy of green marketing techniques such as eco-seals, showing that they have a distinctly different impact—and in fact sometimes opposing effects—on different types of consumers. More

Shuba Srinivasan Ranked a Top Author in AMA’s Premier Publications List

In the first Author Productivity in the Premier AMA Journals list, Boston University School of Management's Shuba Srinivasan has ranked number 16 overall and number one for female academics. More