Information Systems

Collaboration Has Its Limits

For creative problem solving, it still pays off to have some people in an organization who don’t directly work together, according to Jesse Shore, assistant professor of information systems. More

Chris Dellarocas on Why Linking to Your Competitors May Benefit Everyone

Links between peer content sites can increase profits by reducing competition, overproduction, and duplication. More

Closing the Gap in Online Personalized Recommender Systems

Commercial websites are constantly suggesting new products and content to us. But how can these computer systems account for the age-old human tendency to change our desires as time goes on? A new study by Nachiketa Sahoo et al. is one of the first to address this problem. More

Professor Venkatraman on How Indian IT Can Achieve Global Recognition

In a profile featured in Times of India, David J. McGrath Jr. Professor in Management N. Venkatraman discusses his new framework to analyze the impact of IT on business performance and what's next for IT and Globalization 3.0. More

BU Creates Council on Educational Technology and Learning Innovation

Boston University President Robert A. Brown and Provost Jean Morrison have announced the establishment of the Council on Educational Technology and Learning Innovation (CETLI), a University-wide group charged with discussing "the potential role of educational technology." More