The Economist Cites Andrea Buffa’s Research

Co-written with Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley of the London School of Economics, Buffa's new paper sheds light on an anomaly The Economist believes is a result of how investors choose fund managers. More

SMG Pair Snags Standard Life Investments Finance Prize

Professors Yrjo Koskinen and Rui Albuquerque have been awarded the 2014 Standard Life Investments prize for the best paper in the European Corporate Governance Institute’s (ECGI) Finance Working Paper series. More

Mark Williams on WBUR, Washington Post & More: Beware of Bitcoin

Real value is created through meaningful innovation and adoption—not from smoke and mirror deception. More

Boston University Places in Top 15 Master’s Programs in Financial Engineering

Boston University Places in Top 15 Master’s Programs in Financial Engineering More

PBS NewsHour Blog Features Zvi Bodie on Investment World’s Best-Kept Secret

Bodie, Boston University's Norman and Adele Barron Professor of Management in finance, comments on "The One Safe Investment and Why You Never Hear About It." More

Professor N. Kulatilaka: Turning Green into Green

Perhaps it is no wonder that an electrical engineer who became a professor of finance would take an interest in how green buildings can provide monetary benefits for the people who have the resources to fund renewable energy projects. More

Boston University School of Management Named 7th in Finance Among Undergraduate Schools by Businessweek

Boston University School of Management placed 7th in the 2013 Bloomberg Businessweek "Best Undergraduate Business Schools for Finance" ranking, an advancement of 16 spots from last year. More

Research from B. Palazzo Finds the Biggest Savers are Risky Firms

A recent paper by Berardino Palazzo, published in the Journal of Financial Economics, explores the link between a firm's cash holdings and the broader, systematic risks it faces, rather than focusing narrowly on the relationship between cash holdings and the firm's specific cash flow volatility, as previous studies have done. More

Mark Williams in American Banker Magazine on Reducing Taxpayer Risk

In the February edition of American Banker magazine, Mark Williams authored a commentary piece, "Reduce Taxpayer Risk: Roll Back FDIC Limits." More

Wall Street Journal Names Zvi Bodie’s New Book a Top Pick for Investors

In their recent article "Financial Literacy 101," offering experts' top recommendations for novice investors, The Wall Street Journal spotlighted Risk Less and Prosper by Boston University's Zvi Bodie. More