Evgeny Lyandres

Dean’s Research Scholar Associate Professor, Finance
  • PhD, University of Rochester, 2005
  • MS, University of Rochester, 2002
  • MS, Tel Aviv University, 1999
  • BA, Ben Gurion University, 1996
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    Awards and Honors
  • 2018, Review of Finance Distinguished Referee Award, Review of Finance
  • 2017, Broderick Prize for excellence in research scholarship, Bosto University Questrom School of Business
  • 2014, Best Paper Award at the Northern Finance Association Meeting, Northern Finance Association
  • 2013, Best Paper Award at the European Winter Finance Summit
  • 2012, First prize for the best paper published in Financial Management in 2010-2012, Financial Management Association
  • 2009, Best Discussant Award, Caesarea Conference, Herzeliya, Israel
  • 2008, Rice University Jones Graduate School of Management Research Excellence Award, Rice University
  • 2005, Runner up for the best paper award at the European Finance Association meeting, European Finance Association