Management Consulting Field Project

Taught by Kristen McCormack, Faculty Director of the Public & Nonprofit MBA Program, the Management Consulting Field Project provides second year MBA students with an opportunity to practice their newly honed business and consulting skills by engaging them in a formal consulting project at a for profit or nonprofit organization. Teams ranging in number from two to five students prepare a formal scope of services followed by the timely execution of the approved work.

Organizations interested in engaging a group of students should complete the attached application, paying special attention to the criteria noted in the “most successful experiences” section as well as the project timeline. The Public & Nonprofit Management Program considers applications in the following categories:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing Strategy and Research
  • Information Technology
  • Operations Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Human Resources

Timeframe for Management Consulting Field Projects

The MCFP is integrated into a semester timeframe that begins in early September and is completed by early December. Students perform much of the work off-site with frequent phone and email communication with the organization staff. A limited number of on-site meetings also take place depending on the project.

Criteria for Most Successful Management Consulting Field Experiences

The most successful experiences for students and staff are based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of project goals
  • Clarity of organizational goals
  • Clarity and precision of the Scope of Services;
  • Staff and board of the organization embrace and support the work to be performed;
  • A project “champion” in addition to the Executive Director; someone is available who is invested in the success of the project and can answer questions related to the project in the absence of the Executive Director;
  • Access to financial data and the finance staff
  • Access to fundraising data and the development staff

Student Teams

Students request the organization of their choice based on student interest and expertise. The Instructor makes every effort to ensure that the overall team is well matched with the project based on interest and expertise. MBA students at Boston University have an average of 5 years work experience in the for profit and/or nonprofit sectors.

For additional information or clarification regarding projects please contact Kristen McCormack at 617-358-2768.

Application Process

Step One: Submit Application

Organizations interested in applying for a Management Consulting Field Project should submit an attached application to Kristen J. McCormack, Faculty Director, Public & Nonprofit Management Program by the deadline specified on the application. As part of the application process your organization must identify a primary contact person as the point person for the Consulting Project. Please ensure that your primary contact person (or a suitable replacement) will be available during the time frame outlined below.

Step Two: Application Review and Selection

After review and approval of the Faculty Director, the nonprofit organization will be invited to present their project to the students in class on the date specified in the application. Projects are selected based on student interest and expertise. Not every project is selected though we try to our best. Organizations will be notified by email or phone if their project was selected.

Step Three: Initial Meeting

The students working on the Consulting Project will contact you by phone or email to arrange an initial meeting with the appropriate individual(s) from your organization.