Two-Year MS∙MBA Program Curriculum

The Two-Year full-time MS∙MBA intensive curriculum fuses traditional management coursework with expertise about IT systems that have fundamentally changed organizational strategies and operations. Beginning in Fall 2013, the full-time MS∙MBA experience will include a realigned MBA core curriculum that allows you to explore your interests earlier in the program. You’ll learn about leveraging technology from a managerial and strategic perspective while acquiring the global and ethical frameworks you’ll need as a business leader.

As you would expect in a leading institution, the curriculum is constantly evolving to anticipate the future needs of graduates. The following charts are for reference purposes only and are subject to change each semester.

84 credits


Pre-Term is designed to integrate you into the School community and introduce you to key learning themes that will provide a foundation for your entire MS∙MBA experience. Key topics include ethics and corporate social responsibility, global understanding, team skills, analytical thinking, and risk management. You’ll also build professional skills and knowledge through early engagement with the School’s Feld Career Center.

1 week
1 credit

Core Module 1

In the first year Core Modules, you’ll learn essential management concepts through a sequence of integrated courses combined with focused projects.

Topics in Core Module 1 introduce students to the organization as a whole through courses covering economics of decisions, businesses and markets, business analytics, and financial accounting. You’ll explore the problems that managers face and the tools managers can utilize in decision making.

7.5 weeks
9 credits

Core Module 2

Module 2 will enable you to understand how functions contribute to the organization. The courses taken in this module progress through functional areas (such as entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing), and include how production or service delivery is organized, how output is sold, and how products are paid for and distributed.

7.5 weeks
9 credits


During the Pre-Weeks, you’ll take two intensive courses. The first course provides a hands-on application development experience through an introduction to IT/IS technologies. You’ll gain an understanding of key technologies, and how the technologies can be strategically applied and leveraged. The second is focused on business law and surveys contemporary issues and pivotal areas of law. You’ll learn to anticipate legal problems, analyze how to avoid them, and formulate how legal principles can be employed to add value in your chosen field.

2.5 weeks
5 credits

Core Module 3

Core Module 3 centers on how to strategically position, manage, and lead organizations for success. This module will provide you an understanding of information systems and the role that information technology plays in shaping business strategy and models; organizational behavior models and key frameworks that improve managerial and teamwork skills; and methods of assessing a firm’s external environment and internal resources in order to design and implement effective strategies.

7.5 weeks
9 credits

Exploration Module

The personalized Exploration Module provides the opportunity, before your summer internship, to complete up to three elective courses at the end of your first year and shape a personalized course of study that suits your interests and career goals. See a list of sample electives.

4 of the 10 total electives throughout the curriculum must be MSIS electives.

6.5 weeks
9 credits

Summer Intensives

In the first three weeks of summer, you’ll take three courses central to your knowledge of systems and technologies. You’ll receive an intensive exposure to operating systems, telecommunications, and networked systems as they relate to the management of resources and the challenges facing professionals and managers.

3 weeks
8 credits

Summer Internship

By the time you start your summer internship, you’ll have already begun differentiating yourself from the competition through solid IT exposure, an understanding of the functional areas of business, and experience with the sectors transforming the global economy. A summer internship is highly recommended and serves as an excellent way to gain exposure to, and make contacts within, your desired field.

100% of full-time MS∙MBA students in the Class of 2012 accepted an internship offer for the summer of 2011.


The Post-Core is your opportunity to take electives and participate in experiential learning opportunities as you apply the skills you gained in the core.

As part of the Year Two Fall semester, you’ll complete a course on ethical leadership in a global economy. You’ll also receive an introduction to data management, managing IT in modern corporations, and how IT strategy supports current business models while shaping tomorrow’s business models.

4 of the 10 total electives throughout the curriculum must be MSIS electives.

15 weeks
16 credits


The Post-Core continues in the spring with your choice of electives and specialized coursework, which will provide you deeper sector and functional knowledge tailored to your post-graduation plans. In addition, you’ll complete a Global Engagement Experience, where you’ll be challenged to not only understand globalization in the economic sense, but to understand how the people, culture, and history within a country impact how business is conducted.

4 of the 10 total electives throughout the curriculum must be MSIS electives.

15 weeks
18 credits