Learning Goals

Master of Science in Information Systems (MS·MBA)

The Master of Science in Information Systems is awarded as part of the dual degree MS·MBA program, where graduates receive both an MBA and MSIS degree. This intensive program lasts 21 months and blends traditional management coursework with expertise about the IT systems that have fundamentally changed organizational strategies and operations, providing the tools for leading businesses in the network era. The curriculum is designed to provide technology competence for the next generation of general managers and prepare students to leverage technology from a managerial and strategic perspective.

MS·MBA Learning Goals

Because the MS·MBA program is a dual degree, students are exposed both to the learning goals of the MBA program and those specific to the MSIS degree.

The learning goals specific to the MSIS degree are as follows:

  • We develop graduates with basic, functional competence in the core areas of systems architecture, analysis and design, networking, and data management
  • We develop graduates with the unique ability to leverage technology for strategic advantage in business
  • We develop graduates with the ability to apply technology effectively and efficiently to business operations