Two-Year MS·MBA

Two degrees in 21 months

Boston University founded the MS•MBA over a decade ago to address the needs of employers seeking the next generation of business leaders. In the same 21-month time frame as the regular MBA program, MS•MBA students earn two degrees: a traditional MBA with a concentration, and a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Forward-thinking business leaders know that only those who understand technology truly understand business.

The MS•MBA isn’t just about technology, but about leveraging technology from a managerial and strategic perspective. You’ll find that this perspective is highly sought by any organization that recruits MBAs, since information technology has become inextricably linked to every organizational dynamic.

An MS•MBA dual degree positions you for better jobs and higher salaries because it’s a degree tailor-made for leading a business today— or in 2025.

The MS•MBA is well-suited for early-career professionals who want to redirect their careers by function or industry. It’s not for the timid, and it’s not just for traditional tech gurus either. All you need is a focused interest in business and a vision of how you’re going to use your newfound expertise as a future CEO or entrepreneur.