Two-Year MBA

Boston University’s full-time MBA offers an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Questrom and MBA student life, and to hone and expand your current skill set.

It’s a chance to stretch yourself, to choose classes in subjects you have never taken before (including courses offered outside the Questrom School of Business). Learn from the experts; study with professors who are outstanding teachers and highly respected in their field. Choose the electives that will help differentiate you from the competition.

Cohorts: Your Community on Campus

The full-time MBA program is a two-year interactive learning experience addressing the dynamics of global business. In the first year, you’ll be assigned to a cohort: a group of 50-55 students who take core courses together. You’ll work together on assignments and projects, often coordinated between courses.

The Benefits of the Cohort

The MBA Cohorts   Louise Davies (MBA’11) explains the value of the cohort experience.

  • You will form close professional and personal bonds with your cohort colleagues, prompting more productive teaming, better learning and study practice, and more engaging class discussions.
  • Cohorts help the faculty, too. Professors can easily share input about each cohort’s previous and current classroom experience, enabling coordinated assignments and cross-functional class work.

MBA Summer Internship

The MBA summer internship helps you develop connections and expertise that are crucial for your career search. Many internships result in full-time job offers upon graduation. Learn more about internships at Questrom.