HSMP Mentoring Programs

HSMP has excellent mentoring opportunities available for interested students. The experiences range from one-on-one contact with top level executives in the Boston community to student-to-student networking. To explore these options, please read below.

Health Sector Industry Mentoring Program

HSMP is committed to providing maximum learning impact to its students.  This includes an increasing investment in experiential learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom.  The Industry Mentoring Program is a key component of this effort.  The Program began on a pilot basis in the spring of 2010 with six students and six mentors.  The initial concept and seed funding was provided by Michael Kaufman, an alum of the Questrom School of Business and an industry leader in health information technology.  The Program itself was developed by Jerry Abarbanel a retired executive with many years of senior level experience in human resources and training.   Second year MBA students, full-time and evening, are given the opportunity to connect with leaders in the health sector in one-on-one mentoring relationships.

For the coming year the Program has tripled in size, matching eighteen students with mentors.  The mentors typically come from several industry segments, including service delivery, biotech and pharmaceuticals, health information technology, medical devices and consulting.  The current group of mentors includes the chief operating officers of major Boston area hospitals and community service groups, the principal of a venture capital firm, the founder of a pioneering medical devices firm and senior managers in global consulting firms.

Jerry Abarbanel interacts directly with all participants, ensuring that each mentoring relationship is unique, with its focus and activities determined by the goals and interests of the mentor and student.  The mentoring process can be a very rich one, involving not only robust and stimulating one-on-one discussions, but visits to the mentor’s organization, discussions with members of the mentor’s staff or other industry personnel, attendance at industry conferences, and participation in one or more projects.

Health Sector Management Alumni Association Group Mentoring Program

The HSMP Alumni Association’s group mentoring program allows alumni who have a strong desire to maintain engagement with current BU MBA students to connect directly with current HSM students are also looking for guidance and support as they complete their MBA and determine their career path and objectives. This Mentoring program uses a group mentoring format, with groups comprised of one-two mentors and four mentees with a common interest or goal. Groups are self-governing and can arrange to meet on an agreed-upon schedule anywhere that is convenient to the members.

Group mentoring enables the development of successful and productive relationships between mentors, mentees and the mentor(s)/mentees simultaneously.  Unlike one-to-one mentor relationships, group mentoring can provide mentees with peer and mentor advice, feedback and guidance, build stronger peer networks across the Health Sector Alumni/Student network, and promote diversity of thinking, practice and understanding.

Student Mentoring Program

This program matches entering first year Health Sector Management Program students with returning second year students who have just completed their internships.  Second year students are an excellent resource for entering students, providing information and advice based on firsthand experience of how to make the best use of the School and the Program, balance the demands of the classroom and those of networking in the field, and engage in the process of honing career interests and skills.