Be a leader the world can’t ignore.

We’ve been in the business for over 100 years – the business of preparing you for what’s coming. Count on our dynamic MBA curriculum to give you the tools you need to make an impact. Jobs are shifting and companies are evolving. We’ll get you ready.

At Boston University Questrom School of Business, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the forces transforming every area of the world economy, including health & life sciences, digital technology, and social enterprise & sustainability. You’ll learn in the real world, in real time. You’ll be confronted with ethical questions. You’ll be challenged to work on teams with other diverse leaders. And you’ll leave here with a resume that wows.

Innovate—your way.

Grades. Deadlines. Projects. You’ll face them all here, just as you would at any other business school. What sets us apart is a multiplicity of choices. At Questrom, you’ll have more paths to a degree than almost any other school.

What makes you tick? If it’s how technology influences every management decision, we suggest you look at our Two-Year MS•MBA program (MBA and MS in Information Systems). We also offer specialization in Public & Nonprofit Management or Health Sector Management, in a city that’s considered the capital of both industries. Interested in building on your MBA in an area outside the Questrom School of Business? We offer nine dual degrees and multiple electives in partnership with BU’s other 13 graduate schools so you tailor your degree to your goals.

Keep exploring.