MBA/MS in Media Ventures

Ivan Busulwa on the MBA/MPH Program

Alumnus Phil Mark on the Media Ventures program

After working in the media industry for five years, Phil Mark (MBA/MS’12) noticed a lack of people with business backgrounds, propelling him to return for the MBA/MS dual-degree at BU.

The Master of Business Administration/Master of Science (MBA/MS) in Media Ventures is offered as a dual degree, administered jointly by the College of Communication (COM) and the Questrom School of Business.  The dual degree is designed for creative and enterprising students who want to take advantage of the explosion of technology and the opportunities that emerging media provide.

The focus of this degree is on the business of creating innovative content in the 21st century entertainment media landscape. The MBA/MS Media Ventures program is a five-semester, bi-coastal program that benefits from the strengths of College of Communication, Questrom School of Business, and the Los Angeles program.

This dual-degree attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and industries. As the communication industries become more global, our program brings together a great network.

**Please note that the MBA in General Management and MS in Media Ventures dual degree program is currently under suspension.  We encourage you to explore our other programs and specializations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Graduate Admissions Office at

  • Number of credits: 80
  • Program length : 5 semesters
  • Full-time or part-time: Full-time only
  • Deadline to apply:
    • College of Communication: February 1,  May 1
    • Questrom School of Business: Round 1 – October 16, Round 2 – January 8, Round 3 – March 12

Students must successfully complete 80 credits to earn the MBA/MS in Media Ventures, 40 credits toward the MBA and 40 credits toward the MS in Media Ventures.

A main component of this degree is its flexibility. While there are substantial core requirements, there is also the opportunity for students to customize curriculum to meet their specific interests. Personalizing this program allows students to pursue several courses in areas such as sales and marketing, programming, writing, and new media.

Another key aspect of this MBA/MS is the required internship with a major media company. These internships offer students valuable business experience as well as the opportunity to network with industry professionals. Many internships result in full-time job offers upon graduation.

Students spend their first two semesters taking management courses at the Questrom School of Business. The School’s Graduate Programs Office can help students to understand which courses should be taken during those two semesters.

MG700 Ethical and Global Foundations (1 Credit) PL700 Introduction to Business Law (2 Credits) Internship (Optional) MG790 Ethical Leadership in a Global Economy (3 Credits) CM561 HL Entertainment Promotion and Marketing (4 Credits) FT856 Graduate Media Seminar (4 Credits)
PL727 Organizations,Markets, and Society (3 Credits) IS710 IT Strategies for a Networked Economy (3 Credits) FT701 Media in Evolution (4 Credits) CM561 HW Careers in Hollywood (4 Credits) FT825 Thesis Project (4 Credits)
QM716 Business Analytics: Data Analysis and Risk (3 Credits) OB713 Leading Organizations and People (3 Credits) FT 728 Creating New Ideas (4 Credits) FT552 Modern Media Ventures (4 Credits) FT954 Internship (Traditional Media) (4 Credits)
AC 710 Financial Reporting and Analysis (3 Credits) SI 750 Competition, Innovation and Strategy (3 Credits) CM500 Emerging Media Studies (4 Credits) FT953 Internship (Media Start-up) (4 Credits)
OM725 Creating Value Through Operations and Technology (3 Credits) MBA Elective (3 Credits) ES723 Career Management (0 Credits)
MK723 Marketing Management (3 Credits) Global Engagement Elective (3 Credits) ES723 Career Management (0 Credits)
FE721: Finance 1 (3 Credits) ES721 Teaming (0 Credits)
ES721 Teaming (0 Credits) ES723 Career Management (0 Credits)
ES722 Executive Communication (0 Credits)
ES723 Career Management (0 Credits)

Purple: MBA, Blue: MS (Media Ventures)

Internship 1: to be taken at an emerging media division of a traditional media company. On-site professional training. Students will experience how traditional media departures are using emerging media to extend their brand and to develop new constituencies. 4 credits.

** Internship 2: To be taken at a media start-up company. On site professional training with the goal of introducing students to the culture of a start-up company, to learn what goes into building a media business from the ground up. 4 credits.

*** Thesis project: Using what they have learned in the program, students will each develop a new business idea, complete with business and marketing plans. Students will present their capstone project to media professionals. 4 credits.

Please note this is a sample curriculum. This is by no means a firm map of courses, and each individual’s schedule will vary. Students should meet with their advisor from both Questrom and COM for assistance with course planning.  The curriculum and courses are subject to change as recommended by deans, faculty, and administrators of the Graduate Questrom School of Business and the College of Communication.

Master of Business Administration

Learning in the MBA program is heavily experience and team-based, emphasizing the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy (particularly analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in the cognitive realm), and cuts across traditional educational categories. In the first semester of the full time program, student teams are formed and engage in projects that combine application of content from multiple courses, culminating in competitive presentations and products. There is also a major simulation carried out by a separate set of teams that lasts several days and mimics iterative decision-making in the real world. Courses are heavily interactive, and cases are widely used in the classroom.

MBA Learning Goals

The learning goals of the MBA program have been adopted by the MBA Program Development Committee as the competencies all graduates of the program should attain. From these learning goals the program has developed measurable objectives, which are regularly assessed and results are fed back into the curricular process.

Specifically, the learning goals of Boston University’s MBA program are as follows:

  • We develop graduates with self-awareness and strong career management skills
  • We develop graduates who can apply integrative leadership, have strong communication skills, and can perform well and contribute appropriately on teams
  • We develop graduates who understand the strategic implications and application of technology within business
  • We develop graduates who possess a management-systems perspective. Graduates will have an understanding of core, functional, business knowledge; and will be able to successfully apply critical and analytical thinking within a management-systems perspective
  • We develop graduates who possess an ethical, global, perspective

Graduates of the MBA/MS in Media Ventures may choose to pursue careers in digital media, content development; and film, television and social media production. The program is entrepreneurial in nature so students may also start their own media company.

Applicants interested in the joint MBA/MS in Media Ventures should submit completed applications to both Questrom and COM. Please note, you will receive two separate admission decisions.  Regardless of the deadline you choose to meet, please be sure to submit your applications to each school at the same time.  Please see the application checklist for what is needed to apply to the Questrom School of Business.

Please see the application process page for the College of Communication and the Graduate Questrom School of Business for more information.

Contact the Questrom School of Business at (617) 353-2670 or contact the College of Communication at (617) 353-3450 for program-specific questions. The Questrom School of Business is also available on chat through MSM/AIM/Yahoo/Google Talk; our screen name is BostonUMBA. The College of Communications is available on chat through AIM; their screen name is COMGradServices.