A Great Option for Doctors with Leadership Goals

The Master of Business Administration / Doctor of Medicine (MBA/MD) is offered as a dual degree, administered jointly by the School of Medicine (MED) and the Questrom School of Business. This degree is designed for those students specifically interested in the business aspects of medicine.

Key Facts

Ivan Busulwa on the MBA/MPH Program

Alumna Sohini Stone on the advantage of the MD/MBA

Sohini Stone (MD/MBA ’08) discusses how she decided to enroll in the dual-degree MD/MBA program. While completing her residency in pediatrics, Sohini hopes to use her MBA to take on an administrative role in operations or quality management at a pediatrics hospital.

Number of credits: 46 MBA credits in addition to the full 4-year MD curriculum
Number of years to complete: 5 years
Full-time or part-time: Full-time only
Deadline to apply:

  • School of Medicine: March 1
  • Questrom School of Business: Round 1 – October 16, Round 2 – January 8

Program Requirements

Students will complete the first three years of the medical school curriculum, then spend their fourth year fully integrated into the MBA program at the SQuestrom School of Business within the Health Sector Management Program. During this fourth year, they will take 39 credit hours of management courses, with an emphasis on health sector issues. Multiple aspects of the sector are addressed, including health care delivery, the life sciences industry, and health information technology. In their fifth year, students will complete their remaining medical courses and 7 management course credits at Questrom. The MD degree is awarded by the School of Medicine and the MBA degree in Health Sector Management is awarded by the Questrom School of Business.

To earn both degrees, students must successfully complete the required classroom and clinical coursework for the MD degree, the required coursework for the MBA degree, and a 400-hour internship. Students must earn the grade of Pass or Honor in all MED courses and must maintain a grade point average of 2.7 (on a scale of 4.0) in MBA courses.

A key aspect of the MBA/MD is the internship requirement. All students who wish to complete this dual degree are required to do a 400-hour field placement in a health sector organization. Typically this is achieved during free blocks in the student’s final year at MED. The summer internship helps you develop connections and expertise that are crucial for your career search.

Curriculum Map

SUMMER (Two 4th Yr MD Blocks) FALL (19 MBA Credits) SPRING (20 MBA Credits) FALL (4 MBA Credits) SPRING (3 MBA Credits)

5/14 – 6/3

Step 2 Exam

Prepare and sit for CK portion, and ideally for CS portion, of Step 2 Boards

MG700 Ethical and Global Foundations (1 Credit)

PL700 Introduction to Business Law (2 Credits)

Required Health Sector Internship
(minimum 400 hours, no credit)
Blocks as a combination of required, elective and vacation blocks

Block 9
6/6 – 7/3

One of four 4th Year required rotations

PL727 Organizations, Markets and Society (3 Credits) IS710 IT Strategies for a Networked Economy

Blocks to complete away rotations and the final two of four 4th year required rotations

Global Engagement Elective OR Elective (if international rotation) (3 Credits)

Block 10
7/4 – 7/31

One of four 4th Year required rotations

QM716 Business Analytics: Data Analysis and Risk (3 Credits) OB713 Leading Organizations and People (3 Credits) HM710 Health Service Delivery (3 Credits)


HM717 Drugs, Devices, and Diagnostics (3 Credits)


Required MBA Pre-Term begins Mid-August AC710 Financial Reporting and Analysis (3 Credits) SI750: Competition, Innovation, and Strategy (3 Credits) ES723 Career Management (0 Credits)
OM725 Creating Value Through Operations and Technology (3 Credits) HM703 Health Sector Issues and Opportunities (3 Credits) ES724 Professional Skills (1 Credit)
MK723 Marketing Management (3 Credits) HSM Elective (3 Credits)
FE721 Finance 1 (3 Credits) Elective (3 Credits)
ES721 Teaming (0 Credits) ES721 Teaming (0 Credits)
ES 722 Executive Communication (0 Credits) ES723 Career Management (0 Credits)
ES 723 Career Management (0 Credits)

Purple: MBA; Green: MA; Orange: HSM

Learning Goals


Master of Business Administration

Learning in the MBA program is heavily experience and team-based, emphasizing the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy (particularly analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in the cognitive realm), and cuts across traditional educational categories. In the first semester of the full time program, student teams are formed and engage in projects that combine application of content from multiple courses, culminating in competitive presentations and products. There is also a major simulation carried out by a separate set of teams that lasts several days and mimics iterative decision-making in the real world. Courses are heavily interactive, and cases are widely used in the classroom.

MBA Learning Goals

The learning goals of the MBA program have been adopted by the MBA Program Development Committee as the competencies all graduates of the program should attain. From these learning goals the program has developed measurable objectives, which are regularly assessed and results are fed back into the curricular process.

Specifically, the learning goals of Boston University’s MBA program are as follows:

  • We develop graduates with self-awareness and strong career management skills
  • We develop graduates who can apply integrative leadership, have strong communication skills, and can perform well and contribute appropriately on teams
  • We develop graduates who understand the strategic implications and application of technology within business
  • We develop graduates who possess a management-systems perspective. Graduates will have an understanding of core, functional, business knowledge; and will be able to successfully apply critical and analytical thinking within a management-systems perspective
  • We develop graduates who possess an ethical, global, perspective


While students are attending both the School of Medicine and Questrom, they pay only one set of tuition. During years one, two, three, and five students pay MED tuition. During year four students pay GSM tuition. However, if a student exceeds 18 credits in a given semester, he or she will be charged additional tuition.

Students with merit-based scholarships from the School of Medicine should not expect scholarship awards from Questrom as well.


The MBA/MD: Flexibility, Career Development, and Mentoring

Dr. Steve Ober discusses the purpose and benefits of the MBA/MD dual degree program, including the need for physicians to understand the business side of medicine in an increasingly complex healthcare delivery environment.

Recipients of this degree generally intend to practice medicine, but have long-term entrepreneurial or management interests that they want to pursue simultaneously with, or subsequent to, their clinical careers.

Admission Process

Students not already in the Medical School who are interested in the MBA/MD should submit completed applications to both the School of Medicine and the Questrom School of Business. Within both applications, the applicant should express his or her interest in this particular dual-degree program. Regardless of the deadline you choose to meet, please be sure to submit your applications to each school at the same time.

It is also possible for students to apply for the MBA/MD program after they have begun medical school. Such students should email the admissions office to express their interest.

To view required essays and the admissions checklist for the Questrom School of Business, visit the Admissions Process page.

Please note: The GMAT or GRE is required by the Questrom School of Business. The MCAT may not be substituted for the GMAT or GRE. Please see the application process page for the School of Medicine and the Graduate Questrom School of Business.

Contact Us

Contact the Questrom School of Business at (617) 353-2670 or contact the School of Medicine at (617) 638-4630 for program-specific questions. We’re also available on chat through MSM/AIM/Yahoo/Google Talk; our screen name is BostonUMBA.