Life at Boston University is not just about the work you do in the classroom, but it’s also about what takes place outside. There are a number of long standing traditions our students take part in each year, many of which are put on by the students themselves.

Anya and Ajay


The Graduate Council puts on a fall boat cruise on the Boston Harbor as well as a winter and spring formals, or galas.  Open to all graduate students, these events are great opportunities for Questrom School of Business Graduate Students to get together and mingle.  Past locations have included the Top of the Hub , the Boston Aquarium and the Park Plaza Hotel.

Talent Show

talent show
The Graduate Programs Office, in conjunction with the Cohort Cup Committee puts on a talent show during the spring semester.  Open to all graduate students, the talent show is a great opportunity for Questrom School of Business Graduate Students to show off their talents.   Acts range from stand- up comedians, to harpists, to ethnic dances,  to an entire cohort on stage showing off their singing and dancing skills in a choreographed routine.

The Cohort Cup

The Cohort Cup is a year long team building competition between each of the MBA cohorts.   The Cohort Cup Committee  plans events throughout the year including, a pumpkin carving competition,soccer tournament, trivia night at a local bar, karaoke and a basketball tournament, just to name a few. The competition can get pretty heated! Learn more about upcoming Cohort Cup Events.

cohort cuphalloween






Cheers with Professors

The Graduate Programs Office also helps sponsor Cheers with Professors. This informal gathering takes place several times each semester at various local bars, giving students the opportunity to talk to and get to know their professors outside of the classroom.

Celebration Brunch

Talent Show, Brunch, Meg Party 149Each year, to celebrate the graduating class, the second year students and selected faculty gather on the 9th Floor in the President’s Ballroom for a celebration brunch.  Students are greeted by faculty members who serve them mimosas and bloody marys to honor all of their accomplishments. Each year the faculty and staff create a special “surprise” for the graduating students.  Sometimes it’s a song or dance number, and this past year it included a lipdub to Pink’s famous pop song, “Raise your Glass”.