Nate Hornbach, Professional Evening MBA
Health Sector Management

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

“I’ve found BU’s greatest resource to be my fellow students. Students here are driven, outspoken, free-thinking individuals who thrive on personal growth.”

Two concentrations, one goal

Nate says he was attracted to BU for three main reasons. “The first was academic excellence. Second, I appreciated that PEMBA was designed for students like me who have to juggle academic demands with career demands. Finally, I was drawn to the diversity of BU’s student body. As a prospective student, I visited a class in which 53 students represented 13 different countries.”

He’s pursuing an MBA with a double concentration in Health Sector Management and Marketing. After working in the biopharma industry for over a decade, he says, “BU’s Health Sector MBA is truly cutting edge. Healthcare in the US is at an unprecedented crossroads. The industry represents about 17 percent of the US GDP—the single largest line item—yet the current healthcare model is massive, dysfunctional, and ultimately unsustainable. The HSM program is cultivating a new generation of leaders with the knowledge and analytical skills to address the challenges and seek the solutions for this complex and critical industry.

“This is a rare opportunity that makes BU unique. My expertise lies in the area of patient access and services, and my classes have allowed me to expand my knowledgebase and critical thinking skills so that I may grow a career as a leader in the industry.

“I’ve found BU’s greatest resource to be my fellow students,” he says. “The School emphasizes group projects, which I’ve found extremely valuable. There’s certainly merit in studying a topic and scoring well on an exam as an individual. However, in the real business world, most often my success depends on my ability to work within or lead the collaboration of cross-functional teams. The BU environment is one that promotes the art of making a group of individuals greater than the sum of their parts.

“BU doesn’t attract people who just ‘go through the motions.’ The students here are driven, outspoken, free-thinking individuals who thrive on personal growth. It’s the spirit and fervor of peers that have most enhanced my BU experience. The program is challenging, but incredibly rewarding.”