Jason Long, Professional Evening MBA
Public & Nonprofit

Denver, Colorado

“My work at Questrom School of Business has challenged me to continually ask how I can add more value to my organization, and how our organization can add more value to the community.”

PEMBA student comes to BU and gets religion

“For me,” says Jason Long, “one of the biggest draws of pursuing an MBA at BU was the opportunity to broaden my network, build relationships, and learn from other professionals whose backgrounds and work experience differed, sometimes significantly, from my own.”

The key word there is “significantly.” That’s because Jason Long brings a unique work perspective to BU. He’s currently the managing director of the Episcopal Service Corps, a one-year leadership fellowship and service corps program. He also holds a BA and an MA from Boston College where he studied the role of religion in social movements. So where does an MBA fit in to his focus on Episcopal service?

“I saw Questrom as an opportunity to build my skill-set for leading in the non-profit sector,” Jason says, “while participating in cross-sector conversations and learning from the different experiences of my peers. I chose to pursue an MBA at this point in my career because I wanted to complement what I have learned ‘on the job,’ through a broad foundation in management—learning the best practices and theories about how to build strong organizations with sound fiscal practices, effective models for supervising employees, and clarity about how to balance a commitment to mission with a commitment to sustainability.”

Indeed, like many PEMBA students, Jason was drawn to BU because of its strong reputation as a general management program that offered a non-profit concentration and had faculty on staff who specialized in social entrepreneurship. Most of all, though, he relishes the fact that he can take what he’s learned in the classroom and use it in his job right away.

“As a leader in a small organization,” he says, “I wear a lot of different hats and juggle many responsibilities on a daily basis. Every class so far has provided me with new knowledge and skills that make me more effective as a director for Life Together. Organizational Behavior gave me new insights about leadership and negotiations that I have used in my work as a supervisor. Introduction to Business Law gave me a primer in contract law that led to stronger and clearer HR policies for our organization.”

And once he’s through with his MBA? Jason says, “In the long-term I am interested in leveraging cross-sector partnerships to create large-scale social change. I believe my current work experience, combined with the opportunity to be immersed in a culture of collaborative, creative leaders at Boston University, will help me achieve these goals.”